Exam Number 1

15 minute ago I walked out of my first exam of my last ever block of finals.

It was a French speaking exam, which consisted of writing a presentation on a certain subject that was to last between 7 and 10 minutes, and then answering general questions tat we couldn’t have prepared for beforehand.

How did it go?

There were two examiners, one of which is such a dad-like character that he makes anyone feel at ease, and I felt totally comfortable. The other one, on the other hand, was a teacher who covered one of our oral classes once and I had never really gotten a good vibe off her.

Isn’t it so weird how important who examines you is so important to how you feel and therefore how well you perform?

Anyway, I was rocking my presentation (which I had practiced incessantly for the entirety of last week) and I thought it was going well.

Then a movement caught my eye.

The second examiner was yawning.

What the heck?!

It completely threw me.

Was my presentation so dull that it was boring her?!


I am a lot of things, but boring is not one, and I didn’t really know how to react.

Of course, I had to just continue on, but the whole time I was wondering whether or not she was actually still listening to me.

A part of me really hoped she’s just had a banger of a night out last night and was either hungover or just insanely tired.

Anything but think I was tedious.

The only way I could think to save it?

Make ’em laugh.

After my presentation was done they asked me some general questions about my future plans and asked why I want to become a personal trainer. After giving them the normal spiel of how I myself have undergone a transformation in the past and want to motivate and encourage others to be healthy, I just looked at them and said

I want to dress like this all the time.’

and gestured to the sports attire I was wearing.


It caught their attention!

A little giggle and some banter afterwards, we rounded off the most pressured 15 minutes of my life so far.

I can’t believe I let a little yawn throw me off so much! But, I do believe that, when in doubt, try and get a giggle if nothing else!

One exam down, five to go!

C x


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