Pre-exam nerves are making me break out.

Does anyone else have weird things happen to them when they’re in exam season?

I have friends who become nocturnal, only venturing out of their flats when a food shop needs done or they need some vitamin D on their gaunt and pale sun-deprived faces.

I have friends who completely shut off from the rest of the world- who don’t switch their phones on, or even just leave them at home while they’re at the library so they don’t have any distractions whatsoever.

For me… the only sign of stress that shows (apart from the crying, but I do that in my own home) is physical.

Currently sat in the library waiting for the time to head up to my first exam of these finals, I’ve realised that, during exam season, my skin likes to play a game called

‘Let’s See How Many Painful Spots She Can Handle.’


The answer is not a lot. The first one that has made an appearance on my face is right on my chin, and I can feel it, all the time, just sitting there stewing away in its own grossness. I can’t even revel in the fact that if I put cream on it, it’ll go away, because I guarantee you there will be a new ball of bacteria that will be the physical manifestation of the pressure I’m feeling from trying to get this Uni degree.

I have a speaking exam in half an hour. All I can think is the teacher won’t be listening to what I say, he’ll be concentrating so hard on this spot, wondering why I haven’t attempted to cover or get rid of it.

Maybe this is how I crack, throwing my notes at him and yelling


and storming off back to my flat where I regret all my decision making and have to start drafting an apology email.


To be honest, it could be 578943% worse. Stress can do horrible things to people, and, to be fair, this has happened every single year since 5th Year in High school, when our exam lives began, so I really shouldn’t complain too much, it was expected.

I can, however, take solace in the fact that these are the last exams I will ever have to take, and maybe this time next year I’ll be spot -and stress(!)- free for the first time in 8 years!

Good luck to anyone else currently doing exams!

C x


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